Happy First Blog Birthday ProjectGoble.com

One year ago today we officially started Project Goble. We may have not posted as often as we would have liked this past year, but we have researched and learned A LOT about blogging, done a ton of projects that we haven’t posted online, and hope to share more with everyone during year two. {Jay says he hopes to “improve” his power tool selection as well – haha!}

To celebrate year one, and to kick off year two, we have overhauled the blog! This update has a brand new look with our favorite colors and patterns, which we have also used in some of our recent projects. Just like we enjoy transforming our house, we enjoyed creating the new blog look together. As with any blog (or house), it will always be a work in progress

Hope y’all stay tuned as we create a home we LOVE, one DIY project at a time!

What would YOU like to see in our upcoming blog posts? Room transformations? Paint Colors? Detailed DIY Projects? A tour of our home? Our (eventually) organized and pretty manly Garage? Leave us a comment and let us know and we will move those things to the top of our list of upcoming Project Goble blog posts!


Allison Goble

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  1. Amaia -You Made My Day says:

    Nice blog! And congrats on your first year!

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