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After living in our home sweet Kentucky home for almost four years, we have finally decided that our house currently contains WAY too many pieces of neutral colored furniture, boring beige walls, bland décor, and no colorful pieces of wall art. Well y’all, it’s time for a change! We are totally ready for a more colorful house!

Living Room - Beige Couch, Faint Maple Walls with Burgundy Accent Wall -

We’ve started making to-do lists and online shopping lists of what we want to do to switch things up a bit. Let us introduce you to PROJECT LIVING ROOM!

Beige, Navy, & Colors - Living Room Color Scheme Idea

Before Christmas, we moved our living room furniture around like never before, and we are really digging the change and plan to keep it this way for a long time. This made us rethink our living room all together. From wanting to change up our wall colors, DIY some colorful curtains, and throw in a few new accent pillows. {Apparently you can never have too many accent pillows!????!?} We’ve found lots of decorative (and useful) items we would love to have, but need something to bring everything together.

Living Room - Beige Couch, Faint Maple Walls with Burgundy Accent Wall -

We will definitely be painting our burgundy accent wall a shade of navy blue and then coordinate everything else around that. We would really like to find a piece of art that we can hang on the adjacent beige wall where we currently have a gold foil butterfly canvas. We are definitely looking for something more modern, fun, and colorful. The bigger the better, as long as it is affordable. As for frame type, we are thinking a white or gold frame would look great in this space.

Neutral Colored Living Room with Beige Couch, Faint Maple Walls, Burgundy Accent Wall & Door, and a large white desk for two people made from estate sale cabinets! -

After searching numerous sites for something unique, large, and affordable, we found lots of inspiration at We personally love this site because any designer or artist can submit their custom art for Minted’s various contests. Once the contest goes live, visitors to Minted’s website get to vote for their favorite pieces, and then Minted takes the winners and their favorites and sells them on their site. For every piece purchased, the artist receives a percentage of the sell. We definitely love to support other designers!

We both searched through all the lovely pieces of art on Minted’s site and although we would LOVE to hang them ALL in our living room, we need YOUR help to narrow it down to one. Take a look at our top 12 favorites and let us know which one you think we should hang in our living room!

Colorful Wall Art for the Living Room - Click for Sources

Colorful Wall Art for the Living Room - Click for Sources  Colorful Wall Art for the Living Room - Click for Sources

1. Abstract Herringbone (in Turquoise) – limited edition print by Paper Dahlia
2. Chevy’s Chase – by Stacy Kron
3. Road Runner – by Stacy Kron
4. Abstract Herringbone (in Sunshine) – limited edition print by Paper Dahlia
5. Sweet Spot by Lindsay Megahed
6. That Light 2 – limited edition print by Aimee Siberon
7. Intermittent – limited edition print by Smudge Design
8. Bits – limited edition print by Katie Craig
9. Count on Me – by Stacy Kron
10. Directional – limited edition print by Kelsey McNatt
11. Kaleidoscope No. 1 – limited edition print by Horray Creative
12. Deconstructed Chevron – limited edition print by Karidy Walker

If you are looking for a piece of art, make sure to check out You will definitely find something you will LOVE! Some of their pieces could even make it into our next project…. a hallway gallery wall!

Before we make our final decision and place the order, we want to know which piece y’all like best for our living room. So… which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment with the number of the one(s) you LOVE!

Living Room - Beige Couch, Faint Maple Walls with Burgundy Accent Wall -

Disclosure: We are excited to partner with to find the perfect artwork for “Project Living Room” and hope our ideas will also inspire you. While we will receive free products from this company, all opinions, thoughts and ideas are 100% our own.  

5 thoughts on “Colorful Living Room Wall Art

  1. Haley says:

    I really love option 1 AND option 4! I think you should get them both!!

  2. LeAnn says:

    Go with #8! I love the blues.

  3. Whitney says:

    These are all really pretty! I want #12! I think #2 would be perfect for the look you are going for to help put some color into your space. Can’t wait to see which one you pick!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I think 5 would go great with your navy blue wall. And it’s really pretty.

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