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DIY Triangle Pallet Board Christmas Tree /

DIY Triangle Pallet Board Christmas Tree

Remember these two little Shanty2Chic DIY Ornament Trees we built last year and posted on our Instagram? Well… Allison showed the pics of those two wooden trees to the girls she works with and they decided they wanted their very own LARGER tree to display in their office AND were keeping their fingers crossed that […]

Our Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Need to store your Christmas Tree? Last year the box ours originally came in just wasn’t holding up anymore. We thought about getting one of those big storage totes to cram our tree into but were afraid it wouldn’t fit into our attic opening. (AND, we kinda waited too late to go look for one and they were pretty much sold out locally.) So…

How to create a White Snowman from a Green Christmas Tree

A Green Christmas Tree + Some Creativity = A White Snowman

We created this lovely white snowman Christmas tree for a holiday decorating contest at work. It seriously only cost us LESS THAN $2! Want to know how we did it? And how you can do it to your very own green Christmas tree?